Saturday, 11 July 2015

Yet Another Challenge 

Hello to you all! Hoping you have had a good day....
Just to warn you, it's very late & I am rather tired. So I may go on a bit (not like me at all of course).
I am entering another challenge. Yay!! My next personal one will be to get my entry in earlier than 2 hrs to go? It hasn't been a good day for uploading pictures is all I'll say. If it wasn't for my fave place, I may have let it pass me by. 
I also had problems with my canvas. Understatement! I won't bore you with it all.. "Phew!" I hear you cry....
The challenge is from Artist Trading Post & it is to use Crafter's Workshop stencils. Easy right? You would think so. I thought so when I began 2 weeks ago. Essentially my texture paste wasn't thick enough & so some can't be seen too well now. There are layers & layers & layers.... you get the idea.... of acrylic paint, inks, gelatos & gesso (some to redo certain areas). Anyway, for the stenciling, I switched to embossing paste for some parts & used acrylic black paint for others. The only other things to tell you (the pictures are self explanatory ) is there is glossy accents over my butterflies. Hope you can see it, I did like how colours underneath intensified. The cherubs are from a beautiful napkin.
The other challenge, for me, is to link to stencils I used. I have decided to show pictures (quite a few. I luurvve texture). I will then put links underneath. I hope, lol....
I should also add this was not as I had planned but creativity takes us in different directions, doesn't it?.

There are more pics but don't want to bombard you. As you can tell is some stenciled areas are less pronounced. I quite like that!? 

The 2 stencils I used are Mini Layered Beads (Balzer Designs) & Mini Butterfly Collage (TCW).
You can find them here & here
I do hope you enjoyed my ramblings & my canvas. I should end by explaining, the lightbulb is an ironic symbol. I missed that "lightbulb" moment? It made sense in my "mixed up" head.....

Thank you so much, please leave a comment, I do so enjoy reading your thoughts!! Until next time, take care x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Just A Quickie 

I am skidding in with this very bright card. I want to enter it into the challenge at The Craft Barn here 
They really do have some great challenges & a brilliant online store too! Go over via my link & visit for yourself!
Here are my pics which I hope will qualify for "Stars" part of challenge!

The card was a little note to go in with a "just because" gift for a friend. 

Thanks so much to you for visiting. I'd be so happy If you would leave me your thoughts below. If not, I appreciate the fact you just popped by...
I plan to enter at least one other challenge soon so watch this space, as they say. Obviously not THIS space exactly. Lol....
Byeeeeee.  C ^°^.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Something Different 

Hello everyone, what a sunny day we have had (at last)!

I have a bit of a special share today.Special because it's a gift for a much loved friend of our whole family. I have known her since I was 17 & she was 19. That's 25 (cough, splutter) + years?

(Here are some pics, it wasn't easy to photograph with light reflecting but hope you like it)....

The original design comes from Beads Direct, seen in their gallery. I have never made a piece like this from scratch. Yes, every swarovski crystal flat back, bezel, clasp element & leather cord came in their own larger packs. Just a bit daunting? Lol. I would normally make a bracelet that can be for any size, a lot easier. This had to be made to her personal wrist size. I cannot tell you how many times I measured & then measured again before the final cut & glue!? Lol...
The hardest part after size was getting the central "flower" together as each element had to be put together then glued in place. If you are thinking of doing this kind of bracelet, have some nail varnish remover & cotton bud close by. Dip bud in a small amount of varnish, gently hold against metal only (it will tarnish leather cord if too much contact, trust me). This will remove any unwanted glue, should you slip a little bit. Of course I got it right first try..... NOT!

Yesterday a good friend (& trusted friend) described it as "timeless" & I was happy with that!
I want it to be versatile & to last without "going out of fashion". I truly hope I achieved somewhere close.
I did enjoy the challenge of making this, even if it may have caused a few choice words to come out (oops).
To top it off, I now have to make one for sis-in-law with a taupe colour cord. Yikes, It's her birthday on July 11th...
Wish me luck!
I always welcome your comments & thoughts. Is there anything you would prefer to see or read? Can't promise I'll oblige with everything but if it's doable, I will definitely do my best.  Any questions, I will TRY to answer.
Thank you very much for visiting, still getting used to blogging & couldn't do it without you. Enjoy your creativity! See you next time, I hope?

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Another Challenge 
Hello again peeps! Thank you for your company. 
I have quite a few plans in the pipeline. I know, who sticks to "plans"?? Perhaps watch this space just incase?
For today, a quick share. I am entering this challenge here at The Craft Barn. It's for any man in your life, a masculine theme & any project. Unlike last time, it's randomly selected winner so can but hope!
In my case, a card for a special teenage boy who is into music, particularly playing guitar!
I hope you will tell me what you think or ask any questions. I reply to all comments as I appreciate them so much! Until next time, Byeeeeee! (Sshh, pics uploaded with closeups first.....)

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hello again!
Hope you are all doing ok.
So, what am I sharing today? A challenge I entered here at Artist Trading Post
I really hope that works (still learning)?

(Now before I go further, I apologise if pics are different sizes. They look odd in preview but won't know until I publish (mobile phone doesn't show properly)).
Right, onwards....
This is my collection of bits & pieces from outside covered in gesso.
Then acrylic paints, inks & blended with water + fingers.. A few highlights to "rust" it up a bit. Added die cuts & Tim H chit chat words.  I like the contrast of white here.

Part of challenge was to use a product that can be found at ATP (list below with close ups on texture, my favourite part of mixed media involving different surfaces).
Hope you like my "altered artefacts & debris, was great to play.
Thank you all for looking in & putting up with my basic blog layout. One day, lol.....
Check out (I really tried to make this a link, sorry. You just need to use the one that worked above, trust me, well worth it!)

To the great team at Artist Trading Post, I hope my first ever link (thank you, Kasia) is correct for your challenge.
See you all next time. Any comments are very welcome! I get so much pleasure reading your thoughts!
Take care till then.x
Golden Fluid Acryclics
Dylusions spray
Ranger paint daubers
Ice Resin Medium
Iced Enamels Relique Powder
Finally the close ups. Byeeeeee 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Out of Comfort Zone?

Firstly can I say a huge THANK YOU to all of you that commented and encouraged me on my first ever blog post! I am beyond chuffed/stoked!!

Now, why the heading? Well, I "don't do layouts" ~ or so I thought. Then an opportunity to apply for a DT came along and their request was for 2 layouts & one other piece, using chipboard. I love using chipboard and a wonderful cyber buddy had generously sent me some (from America? I know, SO kind!)
This is where I would put a link to her blog but I still haven't learnt to "link". However I can write her blog address which is I really hope you will check out her amazing creativity, she hugely inspires me & many others!
So, back to layouts, I decided to just go for it. What's the worst that can happen? They don't accept me. Well they didn't. Hey ho?
What was important is that I ventured into the unknown and thoroughly enjoyed the process.
So my message (for what it's worth) is GO FOR IT! Step outside your comfort zone and see where it takes you. You might just be surprised?!
Below are the 2 layouts. Please excuse lack of "tidying up" with photography. Hopefully you still get the idea...
Thank you for joining me today. As I am still new to blog land, please do let me know where I can improve; Should I explain any methods I use, tell you about products? What have you found helpful when posting on your blogs? Any suggestions are gratefully received. I read all comments you might want to leave & try to reply to them all. I really do appreciate that you take time to 'pop in'!!
See you next time.... Caroline x

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hello & FINALLY, Welcome to my blog!! This was going to have bold, underlining, headers, all the bells & whistles..
But I cannot get any of that to work ~  YET.
Right here & now, I apologise for any mistakes, I have so many nerves & fears. But if I don't do this now... Well, it will never appear.
We all start somewhere & here is where that is for me.
I waffle & ramble & make no excuses, it's just how I am. As nerves decrease, that may change.
Let's get on with it!
It has been such a long road to this point, mainly due to my ineptitude with the technical side, lol...
So... Warned you about waffle & ramble right?

What shall I post for first visit? I could talk about me but that would be a bit boring & you can read my profile...
For me, I enjoy the pictures of pieces that have been created.
So, to that end, I will make it a simple first post. I will load pictures of 2 pieces I have played at.
Disclaimer:  I am not a professional & still have so much to learn. I hope through here & my other places in cyberland, you out there with your talent can help me along my new part of this journey!
That really is all I am going to do for a first post. I am testing the water, seeing if it comes out properly. I am still having technical hitches so still things to work out.
I would really appreciate any hints, tips & feedback from you. I would love if you leave a comment below & I will see what happens? I had planned a more sophisticated welcome but I cannot even see what I am typing as page won't show both page & picture at the same time?
"Oh gosh, Caroline, enough already!" here are 2 pictures. Enjoy